A Gallery Of Twitter Responses To Pitchfork’s 10.0 Kanye West Review


So the big whoop today is that Pitchfork bestowed its first 10.0 review in nearly a decade on Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ; penned by a dear friend of ours, rest assured this opinion has generated, in turn, a wide variety of online opinions — outraged, bemused, intrigued, confused. Here, now, a sample of the public response to Pitchfork‘s response to Kanye’s response to the public’s response to his response to Taylor Swift winning that one MTV award.

How Things Work #1.

How Things Work #2.

Conspiracy Theory #1.

Bonus points for album quote.


Still waiting.

Really glad I’m not at this lunch.

Conspiracy Theory #2.

Let’s see Kanye try and top “Buggin’.”

Numbers are important.

Conspiracy Theory #3.


Confusing imagery.

My favorite argument.

Love it.


Conspiracy Theory #4.

Oh, it’s not that bad.

Love you dogg.

Look out.