Fort Greene Coffee Snobs, Rejoice: WTF Brings First-Rate Java to the Neighborhood (Baked Goods Coming Soon)


It used to be judged by the existence of a wine bar. Then, maybe, a cocktail lounge. Now, the way to be sure a neighborhood has arrived is when it gets a proper coffee bar. WTF in Fort Greene is serving not only excellent espresso prepared by skilled baristas, but also coffee made using a variety of methods, including French press, sock pot, siphon, Chemex, pour-over drip, and Taiwanese-made Yama pots for cold brewing. WTF also hopes to add baked goods to the menu, once it installs a kitchen. In the meantime, we stopped in for a couple of cups.

The coffee comes from Tarrytown’s Coffee Labs Roasters, which specializes in fair-trade, rain-forest-friendly, and bird-friendly beans from coffee-growing regions around the world, roasted in its own facility. The espresso when we visited was a blend, according to the barista: fruity and nutty with a sharp, just barely chicory finish. The French press was rich and sweet, with notes of chocolate. WTF also carries a selection of teas. A cup of rooibos, the South African tea prized for its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties, is as fresh as it comes, bright and floral. Cold hands stopped us from sampling the iced coffee, but we’ll be back for that when the weather warms up.

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