Gloria Steinem Says Cathie Black’s Problem is Named Bloomberg


Here’s Gloria Steinem on her fellow Ms. Magazine veteran, Cathie Black, summing up the politics surrounding the publishing exec’s now-wobbly appointment as schools chancellor:

Black, says Steinem, “is now paying the price of people’s resentment of Bloomberg. … People resent his third term. They resent his high-handed style. They resent the money he inserts into his political career.”

The quote is from City Hall watcher Celeste Katz in the Daily News who says Steinem “hits the nail on the head – with a 2-ton mallet.”Steinem was one of the first out of the box supporting Black after she was Bloomberg’s surprise nominee:

“I’ve known Cathie Black for more than three decades,” Steinem said in a statement last week, “and I know she turns the impossible into success. In the beginning of New York Magazine and Ms. Magazine, she earned advertising support in a world still run by Mad Men.”

Steinem goes on to say that another part of Black’s problem is that she’s a woman:
“In a general, cultural sense, females and men of other races and ethnicities are frequently judged to a higher standard.”

Actually, in order to get the job, Black is going to have to get the standards lowered by state education commissioner David Steiner who has to grant a waiver of education background requirements. But that’s not to deny that women have a tougher time getting the big jobs. New York has long had a majority of women teaching in its classrooms, and it’s nothing less than astonishing and shameful that — in more than a century of chancellors — we’ve never had a woman in the job. I mean, does anyone remember Bernie Mecklowitz?