“Hipster Fight Club” No Longer Quite So Underground


Friday Night Throwdown, an underground fight club that’s been drawing a crowd of “models and hipsters” to a vacant warehouse at 72 Allen Street (on the corner of Grand), is no longer quite so underground. This event has been taking place for over a year now, as referenced in this New York Magazine post from last June. This weekend, one of their bouts was shut down by police. But only briefly: A tipster told us, “after the police left, the event started back up again and went on until 3 a.m.”

How’d he get there? The tipster, who preferred to remain anonymous (after all, it is a fight club) said, “My girlfriend found out through a friend who heard about it through another friend. We just kinda showed up and hoped that it would be cool.” It was: “It was really sick,” he said. “There were fights where it was boxer vs. boxer. Model vs. boxer was the norm there, though, or at least it tried to be.”

Male models fighting boxers, no wonder it’s so popular.

Watch for hipsters cheering with PBR in hand! They do exist!

The event has no website or Twitter account so you just have to keep your eyes peeled and ears perked to when this fight club actually meets, although “Friday Night Throwdown” might be a clue. Then again, that could change at a moment’s notice, much like the feint of any moderately skilled boxer.