Lady Gaga Goes from Wearing Food to Selling It; Where to Slaughter Your Own Turkey This Thanksgiving


Lady Gaga has reportedly become part owner of Vince & Eddie’s, a restaurant that has been around since 1989.
[Hollywood News]

A new study reveals that — shocker — parental nagging over food can lead to kids having issues involving eating habits.

“Food Works,” a new study published by the city, looks at agriculture, processing, distribution, consumption, and post-consumption of food.
[NY Times]

Tea Partyers believe the pilgrims were actually early socialists until they evolved to capitalism. But many contest this interpretation.
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Stone and Thistle Farm is one of the turkey producers that will allow you to become involved in the slaughtering process.
[NY Times]

And, in case you’re up for the challenge, here’s a primer on how to make turducken and another on cherpumple: a cake made with three pies.