Lloyd Banks Also Has A New Album Out This Week, Everybody


As previously noted with regards to Nicki Minaj, this is an absolutely terrible week to put out a record if you are anyone other than Kanye West, who with his 10.0 reviews and $3.99 Amazon sales will be hogging every last bit of the spotlight in his (failed, ultimately, probably?) quest to outsell quasi-adversary Taylor Swift. So please spare a few dollars/clicks/seconds of your precious attention span for Lloyd Banks’ The Hunger for More 2. He’d do the same for you.

Lloyd, you see, is responsible for what is very probably the New York rap single of the year, “Beamer Benz or Bentley,” still a killer all these months later (too bad about the video, though one remix is still one of our 10 best posse cuts of 2010) and now anchoring HFM 2, centerpiece of a 2010 comeback so total Lloyd now feels comfortable demanding that his old label, Interscope, apologize for ever doubting him. If he sells 75 records this week it’ll be a miracle, of course, but the guy seems to thrive on such adversity. If you need a sampler beyond “Beamer,” Rap Radar has iTunes bonus track “Where I’m At,” which is completely dominated by Eminem, but that, too, is only too appropriate. Be nice to your fellow New Yorker, eh?