Marc Forgione Beats Marco Canora to Win The Next Iron Chef


Another season of The Next Iron Chef came to a close last night as Marc Forgione beat Marco Canora to win their final, Thanksgiving-themed battle.

Forgione, whose eponymous Tribeca restaurant earned two stars from The New York Times in October, seduced the judges with a meal that didn’t include turkey, while Hearth’s Canora went the more traditional route.

Judge Simon Majumdar wrote on the show’s website that while there were “seasoning problems” with Forgione’s food, “[o]n plating and presentation, I had Chef Forgione as a narrow winner. On creativity, he was farther in front.” Also, he had the most mohawk, which, while it most likely didn’t have any effect on the quality of his food, certainly puts Forgione in league with numerous food-TV personages.