Subway Masturbator Taken on by Fiery Redhead (Video)


Just as the videographer foretold, “This shit’s going on YouTube, yo,” the video of a fiery redhead calling out her subway offender went viral today when Jezebel, Animal, and other websites picked up the story. But should we all really be that shocked?

Perhaps it’s time for the age-old women are smaller and therefore weaker methodology to be tossed. We’ve seen case after similar case of women lashing out against their offenders, why not herald that as the norm instead? One would think, in the 21st century, a certain credo would have been established that deems it inappropriate to expose yourself on mass transit, but in the cases that that credo is not held true, one should most certainly expect a proper backlash. Take note from this woman’s particularly excellent commitment to her cause. Props.

This dude should be lucky she didn’t do the following to him, as we surely would have:

1. Remember those boxing lessons you’d always wished you’d taken? Now is your chance to make up for lost time. And then some.

2. Kung-fu-chop a la Kill Bill. (See Uma kick ass here.)

3. Mace to the face. Mace to the face. Mace to the face.

He is exposed… nothing like a swift kick to the groin to put a man in his place.

5. Crowdsourcing. Use it. Power to the people.

Well with that being said, we commend this chick for calling her offender out, for making a scene, and for making it known that such violations are not okay. May others follow in her footsteps when necessary, although we’d also just prefer that subway riders keep their junk in their pants. This isn’t the airport.