Tim Burton Wants You to Help Him Write a Short Story, and No, He Won’t Pay You


Tim Burton, president-elect of weird, is writing a short story on Twitter, and he wants you to help. Normally we’re against writing for free (at least on principle), but it’s Tim Burton, which means the exception becomes the rule. Plus, we have a certain kinship with Stainboy.

After kicking off his anti-hero’s latest adventure with his own tweet, Burton is selecting from submitted 140-character sentences to continue the story (English majors, you can feel smart by telling people this is a Twitter version of Cadavre Exquis).

The story is 4 tweets in so far:

We’d say this was some infinitely lazy crowdsourcing except the bragging rights if you get picked are pretty major. Will it be good? Who cares. You have from now until December 6 to contribute your own genius or semi-inspired wordsmithings (hashtag: #burtonstory).

Not for nothing, this experiment will also kick off a Tim Burton exhibit at Tiff, in Toronto.

[via Mediabistro]