Angry Birds, The Short Movie (Video)


When Steve Jobs revealed the iPad to the world, we were told to expect the world to be changed by the way we consume movies, music, write emails, and read things. Instead, what we really got was a better way to play Angry Birds, which is the best thing that happened in 2010. And now, there’s a movie.

Note that it’s not The Angry Birds Movie, which — god willing — is being created right now as the film rights to the video game were purchased by Warner Bros. earlier this year. No, this is just some Israeli filmmaker who made a short with life-size puppets of Angry Birds. Which actually isn’t the worst idea for the Angry Birds movie! Imagine two hours of these guys as Muppets:

There is, really, something quite brilliant about this. Especially the bird saying “Fuck Off.” There’s something viscerally satisfying to that.