City May Relocate Ruby’s Bar and Grill to Surf Avenue


In the latest chapter of the sorry saga unfolding on what remains of Coney Island, the Post reports that the city is considering moving the so-called Coney 8 — eight longtime boardwalk businesses that include Ruby’s Bar and Grill — one block away from the boardwalk, to Surf Avenue.

Surf Avenue is currently home to four discount furniture stores that Coney activist Dick Zigun said “have been here illegally for years.” The owners of the boardwalk businesses, while apparently not completely opposed to the idea, remain skeptical: Anthony Berlingieri, proprietor of Shoot the Freak and Beer Island, asked, “Why should we have to leave? We were here when no one came to Coney Island, and now we are being forced out so that Zamperla can bring in the same types of businesses we run.”

In the meantime, State Senator Carl Kruger is trying to broker a deal between the city and Zamperla to keep the businesses on Coney Island — and, hopefully, Zamperla from taking over the boardwalk.