Don’t Be Surprised If Kanye West Plays the Bowery Ballroom Tonight [Update: Tickets On Sale at Noon]


Update: Keep your eye on this ticket link. Show goes on sale at noon, he’s supposedly doing the entire new record, and…it’ll cost $100.

Teyana Taylor is the former My Super Sweet 16 star and Tyler Perry movie veteran whose vocals can be heard, among other places, on the opening few bars of Kanye West’s My Dark Twisted Fantasy (she’s also on “Runaway,” and a few other uncredited places on the record). And, as Brooklyn Vegan points out, she may have just done something very, very indiscreet, tweeting the above yesterday evening. So is Kanye West really playing a secret surprise show at the Bowery Ballroom tonight? Well, the venue just so happens to have nothing on its schedule for Tuesday, November 23. And Taylor wasn’t the only one to say something she probably shouldn’t have on Twitter.

Nicki Minaj is among the Dark Twisted Fantasy guests who are in town right now, for whatever that’s worth. Let’s go ahead and state right here that we have no idea how you might actually get into this show. One person in the BV comments section claims to have spoken with the Bowery people last night, who may or may not have told him that there will be a limited amount of tickets offered to the public at the door, and that the show itself is at 10 p.m. But who knows. We’re making inquiries now. In the meantime, looks like Taylor is experiencing some Twitter regrets.

Next time read the signs, Teyana!

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