Meet The One Man In New York Who Successfully Bought Tickets To Kanye West’s Show at the Bowery Ballroom


Many tried but few succeeded when, at 11:58 a.m. or 11:59 a.m., we all started frantically hitting our refresh buttons, typing Captchas in as fast as we could, and generally doing everything in our power to get into tonight’s “private” Kanye West show at the Bowery Ballroom. None of it worked, so we all settled for complaining bitterly about it on Twitter. All of us, that is, except one man, Myles Tanzer, intern to our sister blog, Runnin’ Scared. He somehow got tickets. And so, in between pummeling him with our fists, we decided to ask him about it. And yes, it took two of us (it’s not easy to hold Rob back when he gets it in his head to murder someone):

So you got tickets to Kanye. Can we presume this is based on your long history of sniping people on Ticketmaster for Phish New Year’s Eve shows?

I’m actually not the guy who snipes people for Phish tickets, I’m the guy who sells the $5 helium balloons in the pre-show parking lot–let’s get that straight. But yeah I’m the “Kanye-ticket guy.”

No seriously though how did you get the tickets?

Contrary to what most people might think, I did it the old fashioned way–waiting in a highly hacked and flawed internet line. A friend of mine just happened to get lucky and bought two for us, making Chris Namba the luckiest human on earth. I guess I’m proof that the horrible Ticketmaster system can award individuals instead of lame scalpers.

Do we have any idea what his Captcha was? Because ours were needlessly complex.

I think it was “Luc3ky Moth4r F&kr” but I’m not 100% positive. Yeah, captchas make me feel like a blind person too.

You paid $100 dollars for your ticket. How much for the two of us to punch you in the face out of envy right now?

Enough for my own diamond fronts, phoenix girlfriend, and a tonka-the-color-of-willy-wonka. Plus $100 to cover the cost of the most expensive ticket I have ever bought.

Are you tempted at all to sell your ticket for, like, $50,000 and buy a Lexus? Now that you’ve outed yourself on Twitter, have you had offers?

I’m not really tempted to sell the ticket. Paying for tuition would be really nice though. Surprisingly, I have yet to receive any offers for the ticket.

Are you worried about losing friends over this? If Twitter is any indication a lot of rock critics are really mad at each other right now.

Not worried about losing friends over this concert, I’m actually going with one of my best friends so we can just stick together if anything.

How big a Kanye fan are you? What role did the Exclusivity of It All play in your decision to go for these?

I’m a huge Kanye fan so no matter where the concert was/the size of it I would want to be there.

Any celebrity sightings you’re particularly hoping for tonight?

I think Nicki Minaj will show up and I’m hoping for a Jay-Z appearance. Also, I’m probably guessing Jesus will be in the audience (if he got a ticket, I’m not so sure even he could).

What was, previously, the most you’d ever paid for a concert ticket?

The most I ever paid for a concert ticket before was $50 to see Weezer once. It wasn’t a very good show.