Royal Wedding Date Set; Vatican Says Something Pro-Woman; North Korea Attacks South Korea


• The royal wedding Save the Date has been tweeted! The glorious event, which will surely trump Chelsea Clinton’s “wedding of the decade” without contest (sorry, Chels), will be held at Westmister Abbey on April 29, 2011. Camp out now for a good spot. Unless this is all just a ruse to put us off the trail… [Clarence House]

• The Vatican says that Pope Benedict XVI’s comments that condoms are “less evil” than promoting the spread of HIV (ostensibly for gay men) ALSO apply to women…and even transsexuals! Benedict said “the important thing was the person in question took into consideration the life of the other.” How utterly progressive! [NPR]

• According to a new study of nearly 2,500 “high-risk gay men,” a single daily pill containing two HIV drugs reduced the risk of contracting the virus by 44% on average and more than 70% if the patients took most of their pills. [LAT]

• North Korea attacked a South Korean island near their border Tuesday, killing two. South Korea returned fire. The U.S. has condemned the shelling. Meanwhile, stocks have taken a hit. [BW]

• Things are not looking good for the poor trapped New Zealand miners, not least because the Chilean miners stole all their thunder, if there is any thunder to be had. Rescue teams are still waiting for the okay to enter, and no contact with the miners has been made. [NYT]

• New York has plans to set up the largest bike-share program in the U.S. It would entail a 24-hour network of approximately 10,000 bikes, paid for by the private sector. [WNYC]

• Four people lifted a minivan off of a motorcyclist in Staten Island following a traffic accident yesterday. The motorcyclist, Oscar Toloza, 27, is now in critical condition at Staten Island University Hospital. [SILive]