Subway to Send More ‘Undercover Bosses’ to Stores; Carnival Cruise Line Denies Serving Spam


A Subway executive who recently appeared on the CBS show Undercover Boss has called for more upper management to go into stores to see how they work.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is calling out Mayor Bloomberg for a policy that forces people who receive food stamps to get fingerprinted.
[CBS News]

If you’re brining your turkey, you might have to start today, as some recipes call for a 72-hour process. But you can also just brine for 24.
[Diner’s Journal]

Did the stranded Carnival Cruise ship serve its passengers Spam? The company denies claims from those aboard that they were served the processed meat product.
[Wall Street Journal]

How do the Mannings do Thanksgiving? Eli likes mashed potatoes and green beans, while Peyton prefers to focus on protein (turkey) rather than carbs (pie).
[NY Post]