TSA Is Recruiting Employees Via Pizza Box


You’ve probably noticed that the TSA is having a pretty major PR problem. (Did you hear about the bladder cancer survivor with the urine bag that leaked all over his clothes during a pat down, who then couldn’t change until after his flight? Yeah, they eventually apologized for that). Whether it’s for just cause or not — discuss amongst yourselves — the TSA is on America’s most-hated list, and nobody wants to be them.

Enter, at this juncture, the news that the company is recruiting employees…by pizza box (click the image to enlarge). We were alerted to this development by, where they note, “One would think that in these tough economic times, placing a help-wanted ad in the paper or online would be sufficient for netting employers a pile of resumes.”

One would think! But, actually, this is happening in the D.C. area. In truth, it’s been happening since the summer — but it’s something to get a little more fired up about now that TSA is numero uno on the shit list. A job where X-Ray vision and federal benefits come standard, indeed!

Still, everyone likes pizza, even if they don’t like the TSA. Hm…this might actually be kind of brilliant. If you are someone who has decided to apply for a job with the TSA due to the ad found on your pizza box, please, get in touch. (The ads are also on gas pumps, though less successfully so, we’d venture to guess.)