Washington Square Park Serial Squirrel Killer Remains at Large


Squirrels. Yes, they’re rodents, but they’re also rather cute. And: Not rats. Not that we want to cuddle with them or bring them into our homes. Still, the news that a woman (described as a “willowy brunette” by is allowing her dogs to kill squirrels in Washington Square Park — at least five of them have turned up dead — is sad. And not very Thanksgiving-ish! Nor appetizing, no matter how much time we’ve spent in the South.

According to the site, “Everyone from the wildlife rehabilitator community to dog people, Bernie Goetz (subway vigilante/squirrel lover), to Parks Enforcement Police is now on the lookout” for the squirrel-hating lady and her dogs, a German shepherd and a shepherd mix. They think her name may be Lena, and she may live on Barrow Street.

This will break your heart, if you have one:

One squirrel with two broken legs was found near the Hangman’s Tree and taken to a veterinarian that specializes in wildlife. “He has two broken legs, which Dr. [Anthony] Pilny set. “With luck, he’ll have use of at least three, but is going to have a hard recovery.”

If you’ve seen “Lena” or anyone kill a squirrel in the park, call park officials at 212-387-7676.