What Are We Thankful for?


It’s turkey time, which is a fabulous chance to sit back and savor all the things we’re not all that unhappy about.

Let’s drop the ironic posing for a second and be sincere on this topic, please.

Dig right down to the bottom of your soul, or at least your stomach, and tell me just what you’re truly thankful for at this very moment.

I’ll start:

99-cent stores

My DVD of ‘The Milton The Monster Show’

My mailman, who never messes up

Publicists who put me on their guest lists


The amazing freedoms we have and the ones we’re fighting for, which will surely come

The fact that Sarah Palin isn’t anywhere near the White House at this moment

And, of course, you kids.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on November 23, 2010

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