Chelsea vs. Hell’s Kitchen?


When a lot of gay action started migrating from Chelsea to Hell’s Kitchen a few years ago, I assumed the former neighborhood would become as obsolete as phone calls.

But the reality is that Chelsea is still gay-thriving with successful bars like Splash, Barracuda, Gym Bar, G, XES, and Boxers NYC.

Meanwhile, Hell’s Kitchen rocks with queer places like Vlada, Therapy, Posh, the Ritz, Flavor Lounge, Bartini (which has expanded), and the imminent Industry Bar.

HK has a slightly younger, lower-rent feel than Chelsea, which is still getting over the loss of Big Cup and the exodus of some gays in favor of the baby stroller crowd.

But both remain viable epicenters for LGBT partying and drinking.

Which is the hotter hub of nightlife?

Should we call it a gay draw?