The face-painted, Satan-worshipping headbangers in Watain are best known for putting on one of black metal’s most vile live shows. Sure, their fans appreciate the group’s lightning-speed guitar riffs and frontman E.’s beast-like rants about curses and death, but it’s the Swedish band’s morbid concerts that are the stuff of legend. On previous U.S. tours, the band members have drenched themselves in animal blood and posted sacrificial sheep heads to the stage. (PETA spoiler: They buy such accoutrements at butcher shops.) All this makes for the sort of perverse vaudevillian spectacle that has attracted young men to metal since the days of Alice Cooper. Bloodthirsty fans should beware, though: In a weird twist of fate, the band has had to curb most of the grisly bells and whistles that they’ve pulled off in the Midwest when playing in New York. Nevertheless, bring a raincoat just in case. With Goatwhore, Black Anvil and Hamsoken.

Thu., Dec. 2, 7 p.m., 2010