Maltese Puppy Named Leonardo DiCaprio Embroiled in Grueling Custody Battle


A little known rule in the dog code of honor is NEVER loan your dog to another family. Especially if it’s cute, white, and fluffy. Because chances are, that family will coopt him as their own and never give him back, and you will become embroiled in a nasty lawsuit and be written about in the New York Post, and people will question your motives, and allude to movies like Kramer vs. Kramer, except your dog is the kid.

This is the case for the unlucky Enid O’Sullivan, an Upper East Sider who gave her dog Leonardo DiCaprio (plus another one who is not mentioned by name) to a Long Island family so their daughter could “watch them.” (O’Sullivan and the wife work together at Fifth Avenue salon Louis Licari.)

Except, when O’Sullivan said she wanted her dogs back, the family, the Inguaggiatos, claimed the dogs were “flat-out” given to them. They did ultimately return one of the dogs to “keep the peace,” but they kept Leonardo. And so, O’Sullivan, who calls herself a rescue worker, is suing. And…we really just feel bad for the dog in this situation. Poor little Leo DiCaprio. He’s going to require years of therapy to get over this.