New York Gets a Chocolate Library and a “Chocolate” Distillery


Here’s a bit more news of indulgence on this week of indulgence: Over on St. Marks Place, the Chocolate Library has opened. Per EV Grieve, the place is lined with rows of Ikea shelving stocked with numerous varieties of chocolate, all of which are begging to be checked out, har har.

And across the river in Red Hook, Brownstoner notices that Cacao Prieto has opened on Conover Street, in close proximity to Botanica bar. Although the site describes Cacao Prieto as a chocolate factory and distillery, it isn’t manufacturing actual chocolate, unfortunately: According to the Dominican company’s website, Cacao Prieto distills liqueurs and rums from cacao fruit and beans — but not, apparently, chocolate.

Still, Cacao Prieto’s “most prized heirloom spirit,” Don Rafael, is described as having a nose “full of dark chocolate with notes of toasted marshmallow, buttery toffee, and vanilla bean,” so it’s not like the company is working overtime to discourage any confusion.