Week in Review: All Kanye, All The Time


In the week Kanye West finally let us in on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (for the small price of $3.99!, we informed you of the rapper’s last-minute Bowery Ballroom show, interviewed an intern who typed his Captcha faster than we did, and ultimately gave you a song-by-song breakdown of his set. If none of that satisfied your desire for Kanye-themed content, we posted some of our favorite Twitter reactions to Pitchfork’s 10.0 MBDTF review and selected the five most awkward moments in his Interview conversation with Rihanna.

Amid all this furor, we managed to cover the first of Bob Dylan’s three shows at Terminal 5 and post Atlas Sound’s cover of Dylan’s “This Wheel’s on Fire”. We also reported back from sets by The Martinez Brothers and Matthew Dear, and recommended some more events for you to check out over the long weekend. (Dipset!)

In other news, we reminded you of some of some of the new music that Kanye has overshadowed, posting about Best of NYC honoree Lloyd Banks, interviewing “Club-diva bass-burp duo” Hank & Cupcakes, alongside up-and-comer Yelawolf, NYC’s own Soft Circle. This week’s only regrettable moments happened when we turned on our televisions, where we found Jay Leno biting a video compiled by our friend Rich Juzwiak and Carlos Santana giving a cringingly bad performance at this year’s AMAs.

Now we’re going to let the Kanye buzz sizzle while we take a brief holiday, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t already anticipating Dr. Dre’s Detox, the next rap release that, if it ever actually gets released, will also likely require wall-to-wall coverage. So enjoy your Thanksgivings, and we’ll be back on Monday.