Obama’s Busted Lip, Willie Nelson’s Weed Arrest & More of What You Missed While in a Food Coma


Everyone knows Thanksgiving is a two-day holiday. The first is for eating and drinking and fighting with your family. (Maybe you go to the movies at night, that’s okay too.) The second is for eating and drinking more, preferably leftovers with people you like, friends or the favorite family members. Copious napping is also acceptable, but working is strictly prohibited. So is reading or watching the news, especially on the internet. If you obeyed these rules of gluttony and familial obligation, then you probably missed a few minor news stories. Catch up really quickly with some links after the jump.

Oh, hey look! A woman in a bikini at airport security:

This did indeed happen again. She showed them.

    • Elsewhere, President Obama was elbowed in the face during a pick-up basketball game on Friday, and his split lip required 12 stitches. Video has yet to surface, but you can expect a full fan-fiction account from Maureen Dowd, who doubtlessly felt a tingle up her leg when it happened.
    • Willie Nelson, pot smoker extraordinaire and also a singer, was arrested in Texas because there was 6 ounces of marijuana aboard his tour bus. Snoop Dogg is worried, both about Willie and about the Famous People Known For Getting High Club:
  • The previously undefeated Boise State college football team lost. Who? Exactly. But impress some men you might not have spoken to otherwise with that knowledge this weekend. Oregon and Auburn are still numbers one and two, respectively.
  • The Fox Nation website does not understand that The Onion is comedy.
  • A Somali teenager is accused of trying to detonate a car bomb at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland. Thankfully, the bomb was a dud supplied by undercover agents.

For weed and stitches and bad bombs, we are thankful.