Miss New York Crashed Miss USA’s Macy’s Parade Float Because She Could


New Yorkers get a bad rap from Real America as pushy and self-centered, each of us the star of our own Broadway (or reality) show. You’re goddamn right we are. Davina Reeves, the outgoing Miss New York beauty queen, proved it on Thanksgiving when she hopped on the Macy’s parade float of Miss USA Rima Fakih, who’s from somewhere called “Michigan.” Why’d she do it? “It’s the biggest parade in the world, and my sister and I were like, ‘Hey, this is my last weekend as Miss New York — let’s go out with a bang,'” Reeves told the New York Post for Sunday’s edition. I made the cover, Ma!

Miss USA, Reeves said, “was surprised but happy to see me.” Until, of course, the New Yorker outshone the Midwesterner:

But with the hometown crowd cheering the local beauty a bit too loudly, Reeves wore out her welcome with Fakih’s handlers.

“Someone asked me to take off my crown, because Miss USA wasn’t wearing her crown,” said Reeves, who willingly stuffed her tiara into a backpack.

Reeves was then pushed to the back of float before being asked to get off altogether. All she wanted was a good time:

“This woman from Macy’s with headphones on was talking on her walkie-talkie and running next to the float and told me I needed to get off the float completely,” Reeves said.

“There was this woman there who was no bulls- – -,” Reeves recalled, chuckling. “She said, ‘Miss New York, I need you to leave the parade route. I don’t care how you leave, just go.’ “

“This title is about growing, about being courageous and fearless,” said Reeves. The next Miss New York will be crowned tonight in Albany and has some big heels to fill. Why don’t we go ahead and make Davina Reeves number 51?

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