New Wikileaks Document Dump Coming Sunday Afternoon


A post on the website of the German news magazine Der Spiegel, since removed, indicates that a new round of leaks from war watchdog Wikileaks is scheduled for release at 4:30 p.m. EST on Sunday. According to the brief message on the Der Spiegel website, captured by Wikileaks Central, the latest dump of documents consists of 251,287 cables and 8,000 diplomatic directives between the United States and its allies, 40.5% of which are considered “confidential,” with 6% of the 15,652 dispatches marked as “secret.” Meanwhile, the U.S. State Department is still not happy.

Saturday evening the United States made public a letter they sent to Wikileaks honcho Julian Assange about this latest leak. Assange allegedly wrote a letter to the State Department “asking for information on individuals who might be at risk of harm.” The government responded:

“We will not engage in a negotiation regarding the further release or dissemination of illegally obtained US government classified materials,” State Department legal adviser Harold Koh wrote. “As you know, if any of the materials you intend to publish were provided by any government officials, or any intermediary without proper authorisation, they were provided in violation of US law and without regard for the grave consequences of this action,” Koh continued. “As long as WikiLeaks holds such material, the violation of the law is ongoing.”

Along with Der Spiegel, the New York Times, Guardian, Le Monde and El País have reviewed the files, which will likely lead all of the major papers on Monday morning. Game on!

[h/t Gawker]