Batali and Bastianich File $6 Million Lawsuit, Get Restraining Order Against Restaurant Protestors


Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich aren’t playing possum when it comes to the lawsuit filed against them by a group of former Del Posto employees: The pair are now the plaintiffs in a $6 million lawsuit against the Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York, which has been staging protests on behalf of the litigious workers.

The Post reports that Batali and Bastianich’s suit charges that the labor group has resorted to “illegal scare tactics” to disrupt business, including “terrorizing” patrons, calling in threats on restaurant phone lines, and vowing not to cease and desist “until justice was served.”

A judge last week sided with Batali and Bastianich’s request to issue a restraining order against ROC, and adds weight to the vow Bastianich made earlier this year that he would not let Babbo workers — who were also suing the pair — “shake us down for a quick settlement.”

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