Breaking: The New York Observer Hires Kat Stoeffel, a Lady! A Media Reporter Lady!


The brass at the New York Observer have recently been accused of having a too All White All Male All Straight staff. Good to know, they have hired their first new lady reporter in a while! Memo below:

From: Aaron Gell
Date: Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 2:26 PM

Subject: Welcome Kat!

To: Editorial

Hey all,

Please join me in congratulating Kat Stoeffel, formerly our crack intern (who can forget the Jimmy Wales stare contest?), on her new position as online staff writer. Prior to her arrival at the Observer, Kat interned for n+1 and Paper. She also did a semester at the Sorbonne. Ask her something in French!

Kat will be on the media beat. Let the usual hazing begin.


Aaron Gell
Managing Editor,

Despite an assertion we were just emailed cynically noting “Wow, an intern? I guess they can hire ladies, if they come extremely cheap. Or something?” I personally think this is very nice news! It’s great to hear about (A) a paper promoting internally (suck it, nepotisitic classes of yore and old ppl) and (B) the Observer staffing up with a lady after smelling like manly men (or Observer-ly men) lately! And also (C) there are not nearly enough female media reporters, bottom line. The Media Beat needs its Bess Levin! It’s Jessica Pressler! It’s Jessica Coen Circa 2006!