Cathie Black Gets Waiver to Serve as New York City Schools Chancellor


Despite all the Sturm und Drang, Cathie Black is poised to become the next New York City schools chancellor. Education Commissioner David Steiner passed the waiver needed — due to her lack of education experience — today, despite his advisory panel (and scores of others) recommending he deny it.

On Friday, Mayor Bloomberg said that Black would appoint Shael Polakow-Suransky, who does have education experience, as senior deputy chancellor and chief academic officer.

Still, per NBC NY, “a Quinnipiac University Poll showed New Yorkers believed by a 2-1 margin that Black was not qualified for the job.” And, as to be expected, the drama is not over. The Observer reports that a group of teachers will hold a news conference in front of Black’s former HQ at the Hearst Tower tomorrow, to apply for her job. Given that soon-to-be-former Schools Chancellor Joel Klein is actually joining Murdoch, this seems a little silly, but what do you expect given the state of education these days? Maybe they even have a point.