Now Is the Ideal Time to Initiate That Brief Holiday Fling


Holiday season! Isn’t it a gas? All joy and holly jolly and regular holly, and finally getting to wear the Christmas sweater you’ve been thinking about all year? Except…there is so much to worry about. Giving the right present. Getting the wrong present. Spending all that money that you don’t have. Trying not to eat the poinsettias. And — gasp — BEING ALONE.

Yep, being alone. You may forget once you’re ensconced in your childhood bedroom wearing footie PJs and plugging your ears while your parents bicker drunkenly that this was ever a concern of yours, but for right now, November 29, let it be known that according to those polled on (take that with many, many grains of salt), 48 percent of people were worried about not having a date for the holidays, reports the New York Post.

Other concerns:
–Finding a perfect present (kill two birds with one stone and don’t do either!)
–Wanting a kiss on New Years more than they want a new laptop (really?)
–Heating the apartment without the use of a spare warm body (okay, that’s just us)
–Dealing with their families
–Getting fat

The good news: If you are susceptible to the kind of worry that lends credence to a hypothetical fear of dying alone and being eaten by your cats before you have a chance to open any presents — and the first step is admitting this to yourself — traffic on goes up 23 percent at holiday time. Which means…NOW.

You’ve got five weeks ’til that perfect New Year’s Eve kiss/New Year’s Day descent into inevitable madness. Make it work. And thank Santa for the easy pickings. There’s a reason the man in red says “Ho.”