Pablo Picasso’s Electrician Was Either Very Lucky or Very Sneaky


Pierre Le Guennec, a 71-year-old retired French electrician who installed burglar alarm systems in Pablo Picasso’s various houses, has revealed that he has 271 previously unknown works from the artist, including “lithographs, cubist paintings, notebooks, and a watercolour” reports the BBC. The works, which have been authenticated, have an estimated worth of some £50 million.

While Le Guennec, who worked for the artist during the 3 years before Picasso’s death, says the art was all given to him fair and square (or the French version thereof), the artist’s estate administrators have filed a case for alleged illegal receipt. Picasso’s son, Claude, says his dad would have never given so many of his pieces to one person. Burglar alarms notwithstanding.

Aspiring screenwriters, take note. This is a plot goldmine.

Let the art ownership battle begin.