The Union Square Holiday Market’s Edible Delights


Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, it’s time to start holiday shopping, and what better place for gifts than the Union Square Holiday Market? Yes, it’s just as crowded as Wal-Mart come 5 a.m. on Black Friday, but, hey, at least the snacking options are better. Click through the photo series for the market’s food-themed gifts and top eats.

The Hudson Valley’s Breezy Hill Orchards is selling too-cute gingerbread boys and girls ($4.75) along with their beloved hot apple cider.

To go with your gingerbread boys and girls, buy a bottle of Kinder Punsch ($9). German Delights Inc. offers revelers cups of the non-alcoholic punch on-site, but for a not-so-kinder version at home, combine a few cups of bourbon or rum and some lemon slices with the warmed punch, and you’ve got yourself a holiday party.

Start boozing at home with Brooklyn Brew Shop’s beer-making kit ($40). It’ll make the holidays more tolerable.


Spices and Tease has a plentiful selection of, yup, spices and teas as well as flavored salts and other things to stock the pantry.

Why have a roast ham for Christmas dinner when you can have fish curry made with this tasty-looking spice blend, also from Spices and Tease ($5)?

Who doesn’t like a hot pretzel? Get one at Sigmund Pretzel.

Their cheddar cheese and truffle version ($3) was especially tasty.


Mon Ami chocolate truffles ($10.99) from No Chewing Allowed’s stall make a great stocking stuffer for your anorexic cousin. And just think, she might regift them to you!

Bailey Doesn’t Bark’s stall sells lavender vanilla sugar and four handmade porcelain spoons depicting each of the seasons in a gift set for $100. Do you really need them? No. But do you really want them? Yes.

And finally, Momofuku Milk Bar’s crack pie ($44) = better than fruitcake.

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