Watch Hordes of Angry New Yorkers Boo Kanye West at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade


You can forget sometimes, reading the rapturous reviews, that there are many people in this country who have never forgiven Kanye West for his notoriously checkered past and self-aggrandizing present. “Ya’ll forget that I got called ‘nigger’ on Twitter so many times–yo, I lived that,” West rapped on “Chain Heavy,” and it’s still a bit disorienting to see the degree of animosity he provokes when out in public. Like, say, at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, where he donned a fancy Phillip Lim coat on a goofy float and rapped “Lost In the World” for a national television audience. In broadcast clips like the above, it seemed like a reasonably triumphant performance. In this video taken live from the parade, not so much:

Behold, a bunch of people chanting “Tay-lor, Tay-lor” and screaming, “Hey Kanye, jump!” (Also: “You’re an asshole, buddy.”) What is it about humans that makes them try and bait artists prone to freakouts into freaking out, right in front of them? And you wonder why West ends his shows with 10 minutes of rambling speech directed at his many haters:

Video: Kanye West Gets Booed at Thanksgiving Day Parade [Rap-Up]