A Fondue Invasion, Courtesy of SCRATCHbread and Heartbreak


Though more closely associated with ’70s-era key parties than post-millennial dining preferences, fondue is back, sort of, thanks to a new Swiss-German restaurant and, for one night only, SCRATCHbread.

The former goes by the name of Heartbreak and is located on the corner of Second Avenue and 2nd Street. Per Grub Street, its proprietor, Ingrid Rottele, will serve a menu that includes four varieties of fondue when she opens her restaurant next week.

Also next week, SCRATCHbread will be serving fondue for the holiday fundraiser it’s throwing on Tuesday, December 7, with Brooklyn Soda Works at its Bedford Avenue digs. The cheese fondue, accompanied by the bakery’s bread, Red Jacket Orchards apples, and various other dippable items, will be served alongside hot bourbon whiskey cider and spiked lemon-thyme-green-peppercorn-ade from the Soda Works and the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. The $10 entrance fee will get you either fondue or a drink, and its proceeds will benefit the bakery’s D.O.U.G.H. campaign.

All told, it will be a week to make the folks at Dairy Management proud.