Four Loko Ban Screws Small Moonshot ’69 Producer; Introducing Beer for Dogs


The ban on caffeinated alcoholic beverages has devastated the one-person company that makes Moonshot ’69, a caffeinated beer. The company’s founder has called the ban “Prohibition in 2010.”
[NY Times]

CultureFix and Panda, both on the Lower East Side, are among a crop of bars that double as art galleries.
[NY Times]

A top French diplomat in Hong Kong and Macau has been suspended from duty after being caught stealing two expensive bottles of wine.

People with allergies to wine because of the sulfites can rejoice. Scientists have identified glycoproteins as the cause, and are working toward how to remove them.

Britain will raise the tax on strong beer, as part of a public health strategy. Weaker beers, in turn, will be cheaper.

Meanwhile, Russia is looking to hike the minimum price on vodka by 10 percent in January in an effort to curb heavy drinking.

Dogfish Head Brewery and Grain Surfboards have teamed up to produce a surfboard-flavored beer. GrainToGlass will be flavored with cedar from the surf workshop.

A brewery in Holland has created a beer for dogs. Dog Beer is made from beef extract and malt, and is alcohol-free.