Free Things in New York City: AIDS Tests, Washington Square Park, Tomorrow


Tomorrow is World AIDS Day, which is neither a celebration of AIDS nor the day everyone in the world gets AIDS, but a day dedicated to AIDS awareness, which there will never be enough of. Like AIDS tests. Which are going to be given away for free in Washington Square Park tomorrow.

Facts I just learned from a press release:

  • New York City’s case rate for AIDS is three times the national average!
  • For New York City residents ages 35-54, HIV is the third-leading cause of death.

You probably didn’t know that. Now, not that you don’t know whether or not you have AIDS — hopefully, you do, and if there’s even a question, you should’ve gotten tested yesterday — but whether you do and especially if you don’t, get down to Washington Square Park tomorrow to support a completely and unilaterally un-opposable cause by getting a test anyway. There’s no needles involved, so even if you’re a wuss, there’s no excuse not to. They’re going to be using the Ora-Quick HIV tests — a mouth swab and a 20-minute wait — and they’re going to have HIV counseling on-site.


Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 1st.
Washington Square Park, 10 AM to 2 PM.
Free AIDS Testing, via Planned Parenthood and MTV, who will never make up for The City but this is certainly a start.

Nobody cares if you’ve seen Rent. Go.