Prince William/Kate Middleton Nuptials May Be Broadcast in 3-D


Chelsea Clinton, eat your heart out. For the Royal Wedding of the century — the just plain wedding of the century — the media won’t be camping out in any upstate New York hamlet and bullying shopkeepers into answering questions. No, the wedding of the century will be in on the joke. Like, with Rupert Murdoch’s possible 3-D broadcast of the event on BSkyB. Because, why not?

The satcaster is considering broadcasting the signal to British cinemas and 3D TV-enabled homes as a way of generating standout coverage of an event that could have the biggest global audience in TV history, the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter reveals.

The Queen has not yet been conferenced in on this idea, but insiders seem keen on Kate and Wills joining the lineup of soccer, election debates, concerts, and tennis finals currently available in 3D. You would only need Sky’s high def set-top box and a pair of those hideous glasses.

However, any description of this as” progress” ignores the concept of 3-D as something of a quirky retro accessory. Those who are really high-tech and in the know will be following by live tweet, or maybe streaming video themselves after camping out outside of Westminster Abbey for days. And the rest of us will just be watching as we normally do, on the telly, celebratory pint in one hand, Kleenex in the other.