Wayne Nish to Bring Gourmet Comfort Food to Mason Dixon


Earlier today we briefly speculated on the future of Mason Dixon while owner Rob Shamlian denied the bar’s demise. We’ve got the update: Shamlian’s still in charge, but changes are indeed afoot. Namely, Wayne Nish is taking over the menu, bringing “gourmet comfort food” to the Essex Street bar.

Nish has spent the past two years working in Singapore, but is back in partnership with Shamlian (Nish designed the menu at Spitzer’s Corner). This time he’s created a rather un-Southern menu that features smaller bites like batter-fried catfish served with “fat fries,” deep-fried mac ‘n’ cheese bars with tomato fondue, and crispy pork dogs (made from deep-fried barbecue pork shoulder) while entrées include grilled salmon with Chinese mustard and spinach and steak frites.

But have no fear: Despite a menu revamp, one thing still remains the same. That mechanical bull isn’t going anywhere.

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