Dreidel-Spinning Students Break World Record; Jobless Benefits Expire for Holidays; Fire Chief Suspended for “Sex Object” on Truck


• Those Yeshiva University students gunning for a Guinness Book nod for getting a record-breaking number of people to simultaneously spin dreidels did it. 618 people spun dreidels on Tuesday night at their “Dreidel-palooza,” held on the Upper West Side, effectively breaking the old dreidel high of 541 simultaneous spins. Guinness must certify the new record, of course. In related news, Hanukkah begins today at sundown. It’s also Woody Allen’s birthday. Mazel tov! [ABC]

• Just in time for the holidays, extended unemployment benefits start to run out today. Unless Congress approves an extension, the Labor Department estimates that 2 million people will lose their benefits by Christmas. Ho. Ho. [Yahoo]

• California can apparently blame almost a third of their air pollution on…China. New Yorkers, however, can only blame New Jersey. [WSJ]

• A volunteer fire chief in Long Island was suspended for 30 days after he refused to remove a “sexually explicit object” (a “replica of male genitalia” that several prudish residents complained about) from his fire truck. He was quite attached to it, it seems. [News12]

• A new bike lane law in New York City will now require Department of Transportation officials to post their guidelines for installing bike lanes, speed bumps, and pedestrian plazas. Because “There are many people in our city who see a median island and they see a bike lane and they say to themselves, ‘How did that get there?'” Hooray for bureaucratic accomplishments. [NYP]

• The Kenny Scharf mural on Bowery and Houston is done! And Pee-Wee (Herman) likes it. [Bowery Boogie]

• Don’t forget, free HIV tests in Washington Square Park today, for World AIDS Day. Bring an umbrella.