Hear A New Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Track, “The One”


Your initial reaction to the fact that there’s a band named Pains of Being Pure at Heart is revulsion, of course, but as a lover of sweet, gauzy, energetic power pop you eventually get over it, given the relative rarity of actually competent sweet, gauzy, energetic power pop. Then Pains of Being Pure at Heart announce the release of a new seven-inch single with the title “Heart in Your Heartbreak,” and you are filled with revulsion anew, and yet here is “The One,” the b-side, which, if I told you it were a new Teenage Fanclub track, you would praise as mature and masterly and the paragon of expert songcraft and so forth. It’s pretty good, is what I’m saying, though a bit breathy, though that of course is the point. Stream it here, or consider it below: