Legendary U.K. Anarcho-Punks Crass Are Reuniting In NYC In March [Updated]


See the update below…

It doesn’t get any bigger or more important than Crass, the Essex-born collective that helped integrate radical anarchist politics with punk rock, a bond that endures — insofar as the genre does — to this day. Their records from the ’70s and ’80s are deliriously weird mixes of Dadaist poetry, militantly pacifist hardcore, bad jokes, and weird noises; like any band worth anything from that era, they survived prosecution from their own government and any number of bans of their records. The collective faded as a musical entity in the mid-’80s and hasn’t been heard from much since, retreating to the Dial House in Essex, where various former Crass members have since come and gone, frequently while nude. Three years ago the band’s Penny Rimbaud sat in on Japanther’s Dinosaur Death Dance at PS122, declaiming spoken word poetry and smoking lots of weed. But that, barring a reissue here and there and performances by various affiliates (Steve Ignorant, the Crass Collective), has been it. Until now, anyway.

Our pal Brandon Stosuy brings word today that he (as Haunting the Chapel) and Chronic Youth are bringing the band back together and to New York City in March of next year, where they’ll play Santos Party House on the 10th. They’re already selling tickets (for a mere $20), so you’ll probably want to get on this one, since it’s not like a generation of people grew up idolizing this band or anything. Do they owe us this show? Of course they fucking don’t. But we’re glad to have it anyway. More details to come shortly…

Update: Steve Ignorant has performed as some version of Crass before in the past, and not always with the blessing of all of the original members. Hopefully this isn’t that.

Update, Part 2: It is indeed the not-Crass Crass line-up that’s performed a few times in the last decade. Brooklyn Vegan pegs the outfit as Gizz Butt on guitar, Beki Straughan on vocals, Steve Ignorant, Bob Butler on bass and Spike T. Smith on drums. No Penny Rimbaud, no real credit, as far as we’re concerned. And because of all this, Stosuy tells us that Haunting the Chapel is no longer co-promoting the event with Chronic Youth. Bummer for all…

Chronic Youth and Haunting the Chapel present: Crass and more [Santos Party House]