NYC Health Department Worse Than a Nagging Mother About Your Little Drinking “Problem”


The New York City Health Department simply insists on being a downer this holiday season. Hence, their new ad campaign, “Stop drinking while you’re still thinking,” which you’ll start averting your eyes from on subways soon, if not already — they go up this week.

Okay, the worst thing about this campaign is not the sentiment — we appreciate you caring, NYC, and it’s true, death and/or ER visits can ruin an otherwise lovely holiday fete — but the fact that the New York City Health Department so presumes to know us. “Two drinks ago you could still get yourself home,” says one tagline featuring a lady (where can we get her shoes?) slumped over on the steps of the subway, when clearly she would have at least made it to the L train, passed out, and woken up in Canarsie. And, “Two drinks ago you would have walked away,” says another, as a bloody-faced Wall Streeter looks on ruefully from his subway car. But: We’re pretty sure Wall Streeters take cabs!

Also, are you confident about “two drinks ago”? Or are you just being charitable?

In any case, if prone to passing out on the subway steps or getting into barroom brawls, or generally just getting too drunk to think, take heed of the words of Thomas Farley, New York City Health Commissioner: “Beer, wine and liquor may look like passports to sophistication and romance. But even two extra drinks can turn a good time into a disaster.”

Okaaaaay. Sheesh.