Scenes From a Late Autumn Greenmarket


No one will pay $5 per pound for them now, as these heirlooms huddle like refugees.

It’s season’s end, farmers’ market fans, the time when we make do with the last specimens wrung from the earth of winter squashes and hearty vegetables like kohlrabi, carrots, pale heirloom tomatoes, spaceship-shaped radishes, and cauliflower, slightly smudged from advanced age and cold weather. But don’t give up! Spring is just around the corner.

Carrots will require a good deal of paring. Look, that one has a nose.

Dressed with mayonnaise or lemon and oil, shredded kohlrabi makes a nice late-year slaw.

Smudged cauliflower is the only kind available; hide the smudges with curry.

Carrots reach out like the pale fingers of corpses.

With mains like palominos, these radishes are very rich-tasting.

Thriving in late season, these yams are so big you won’t know what to do with them.