The Alcoholic Whipped Cream Industry Continues to Grow with CREAM


A few days ago, we reported on the rise of Whipped Lightning following the Four Loko controversy. Well, kids, because having only one brand of alcohol-infused whipped cream isn’t enough to stock one’s pantry, here’s another one: CREAM.

At 15 percent alcohol, CREAM is slightly less alcoholic than its competitor White Lightning (which is 18 percent), and the flavors available — raspberry, vanilla, chocolate, cherry, and caramel — are on the prosaic side (at least compared with Tropical Passion Whipahol). But they’re no slouches when it comes to marketing: Their tagline is “Get Whipped,” and the website features a high preponderance of sexpots pointing whipped cream bottles near their mouths. Hey, sex sells!

According to its website, CREAM is not yet available in New York State, but can be purchased through various online retailers. Clearly a comparison taste test is in order.

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