Anderson Cooper-Adjacent Building Catches Fire in the West Village


A five-story walk-up at 86 West 3rd that happens to be newsworthy since Anderson Cooper is renovating the firehouse next door as his pad — but keeping the fire poles! — caught fire rather ironically (a/k/a, next to a firehouse) in the early hours of the morning today, reports DNA Info. No one was injured, though windows were blown out and glass shattered in front of Il Mulino, located on the ground floor of the building.

When reached for comment, a spokesman for CNN’s black-T-shirt-clad disaster man said, “Anderson was relieved that there were no injuries and that his favorite New York restaurant, Il Mulino, wasn’t damaged.”

The apartment building that actually caught on fire and any residents thereof were not contacted for comment, since Anderson Cooper is really the one who matters in this — and basically any — scenario.