Charles Rangel to Receive Punishment Today; Mike Bloomberg Lights World’s Largest Menorah to Kick Off Hanukkah


• Rep. Charles Rangel will finally get his punishment: The House is expected to vote on his censure for 11 ethics violations today. Although the octogenarian Congressman has been lobbying for a reprimand instead of the harsher censure, it seems unlikely that that will happen. [NBC NY]

• Mayor Bloomberg has kicked off Hanukkah by lighting the world’s largest menorah, a 32-foot version at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn. The holiday continues for the next eight nights. [NY1]

• A suspect in the murder of publicist Ronni Chasen, who was shot several times in the chest and found at the wheel of her Mercedes-Benz in Beverly Hills, shot and killed himself last night after being confronted by cops. TMZ says he was “known as Harold.” [TMZ]

• Thieves in Spain have stolen 20 pieces of art, valued at $6.6 million, including works from Picasso, Fernando Botero, and Eduardo Chillida, from a van near a warehouse outside of Madrid. [Yahoo]

• Vladmir Putin is not happy about the WikiLeaks dump, in particular, the sentiment expressed in a cable saying that “Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ‘plays Robin to Putin’s Batman.'” [NYP]

• Yes, that was the Eldridge Street Synagogue you saw in episode 10 of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Lookin’ good! [Bowery Boogie]