Greenpoint/North Williamsburg Ferry Is Still Happening, Soon


Greenpoint/North Williamsburgers, please issue a collective hoorah for no longer having to rely on the unreliable G. The “hipster ferry” that’s been bandied about for a while is going to happen as soon as May 2011, as reported previously. The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance met about it this week, outlining their plan.

The latest, via Gothamist:

The ferry would run along a route from Hunters Point South in Long Island City, to India Street in Greenpoint, to North 6th Street and South 8th Street in Williamsburg, to Fulton Ferry, and only then cut over to somewhere in Manhattan. The ferry would operate seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., and come at least every 20 minutes during peak hours.

Yay, right? Still TBD: how much it costs, what private company would run it, and whether water wings will be de rigueur. Also, will it have a bar? If so, definitely water wings.