Oaxaca Tacos Arrives to Keep Bespoke Chocolates Company on Extra Place


As of today, Extra Place is one step closer to becoming a consumerist fantasia, thanks to the opening of Oaxaca Tacos.

Bowery Boogie reports that the restaurant is the fourth opened by the Brooklyn-based company, which has locations in Park Slope, Crown Heights, and Cobble Hill.

While its menu sounds decent enough, we’re more interested in the fact that this means that Bespoke Chocolates is no longer the sole food business on Extra Place, a dead-end street that the Avalon Bay developers have long dreamed of turning into a mall. Despite their feverish efforts, Bespoke has been pretty much on its own since it opened in early 2009.

When it opened, numerous residents bemoaned the presence of a boutique chocolatier in an alleyway that was once best known for Ramones photo shoots and public urination. Oaxaca’s arrival doesn’t seem to have stirred up the same amount of animus, possibly because, at this point, everyone is too busy feeling disgusted by what the Bowery looks like these days.