World Cup 2018 Goes to Russia, 2022 to Qatar, Psychic Octopus TBD


Russia has been chosen to host the 2018 World Cup, via a secret ballot vote by Fifa’s executive committee today. Condolences to England, Spain and Portugal, and Belgium and the Netherlands, (the latter two in joint bids), who were all finalists.

Via the Sofia Echo,

Russia’s bid presentation also promised to deliver new top-notch facilities and infrastructure in time for 2018 and was the only bidding country to feature a woman as part of its presentation, Olympic champion Yelena Isinbaeva.

Also breaking: the 2022 World Cup goes to Qatar, which beat the U.S. in its bid. What’s Qatar? We’re glad you asked. And here’s how to pronounce it.

More importantly, who’s got the psychic octopus this time around? Make your pitches.