Yeah, So, Christopher R. Weingarten Will Recreate His Condensed 140 Character Rant Live at Our Web Awards Next Tuesday


We here at the Village Voice are in the final stages of preparing for our first annual Web Awards, which takes place this Tuesday, December 7 at Santos Party House. Comedian, funnyman, all-around rad dude Todd Barry will host. An award for New York’s Best Music Blog will be presented, based on your votes and the infallible expertise of SOTC’s triple-threat tag-team. (Nominees announced Friday.) And it is with tremendous pleasure that I take this moment to announce that . . . our very own YIMBY/F2K10 columnist Christopher R. Weingarten (a/k/a @1000TimesYes) will be recreating Eric Harvey’s 44-second edited clip of his 140 Character Conference Twitter rant, live! Yes, you can see Whiney curse like a syphilitic sailor and say things like, “Wet spitballs of non-news” and “Fucking Keyboard Cat,” and “You’re gonna wanna shoot yourself in the fucking face” right before your very eyes, while enjoying free Dogfish Head beer. Plus, there will be Four Loko. Yes in your backyard!

And there will be more surprises to come. Wanna go? E-mail and I’ll send you an invite, with a plus-one. It’s free! And say hi, will you?